11 February 2011

This is Your Paradise

Earlier today, the influential liberal Chinese journalist Cheng Yizhong posted the following item to his Sina Weibo microblog. Weighing in at exactly the 140-character limit, I think it is the perfect statement, so I've translated it below:


China’s great, as long as you understand, adapt to, and make good use of the implicit rules here. And as long as you feel it’s no big deal if politics aren’t civilized, the system isn’t mature, there’s no balance of power, and the future is uncertain; if you turn a blind eye to the rule of law not being set out, the lack of justice, unfairness in society, and the disparity between rich and poor; don’t need freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom from poverty, or freedom from terror; and if you don’t care about resource depletion, environmental collapse, and the pollution of the air, water, and soil—well, this is your paradise.

Update (10AM): Shortly after I posted this, Cheng's post disappeared. But the re-post on my own Weibo microblog still existed long enough for me to take this screenshot:

Update (12:45PM): Cheng has responded angrily to the deletion of his earlier post. My language skills are sadly deficient in the area of delivering curses in Chinese, so I'm not going to try to translate this right now.


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  1. And deleted from Sina within a day! Those that tell the truth are often silenced