16 April 2015

Lawyers Protest Assault against Female Lawyer at Beijing Courthouse

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Statement by Chinese Lawyers Regarding
Assault on a Female Lawyer by Judges and Police Officers at the
Tongzhou District (Beijing) Court

On 2 April 2015, lawyer Cui Hui from Beijing’s Hengqing Law Firm went to the Tongzhou District Court in Beijing, where she was physically assaulted twice by Yang Yu and Lai Xiulin, both of the court’s enforcement division, and a court police officer. The assault left her with minor injuries, including contusions on both eyes, bruises on her face, and multiple soft-tissue injuries on her limbs. Lawyer Cui is understood to have previously reported unlawful behavior by judges in the Tongzhou Court’s enforcement division to the Tongzhou District Procuratorate in connection with a case she was handling. This angered the judges, who found many ways of making things difficult for Cui, including this recent violent assault against her inside the court.

As legal professionals, we are concerned about our colleague, Lawyer Cui Hui, and are extremely shocked and angered by the hideous acts committed by judges and court police at the Tongzhou District Court.

With respect to this incident, we are issuing this statement and making the following demands:

1. The Tongzhou District Precinct of the Beijing PSB should investigate this case thoroughly and launch a criminal investigation for intentional injury against Yang Yu, Lai Xiulin, and the court police officer and strictly punish the perpetrators in accordance with the law.

2. The Tongzhou Procuratorate and Beijing Municipality Procuratorate should investigate Yang Yu and Lai Xiulin for unlawful dereliction of duty and severely punish any such wrongdoing they may discover in order to remove any malignant tumors among the ranks of judges.

3. The Tongzhou District People’s Congress Standing Committee should monitor the Tongzhou District Court to ensure that it deals strictly with the court personnel involved in this incident, up to stripping the judges of their adjudication duties.

4. The Tongzhou District Judicial Administration Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Judicial Administration Bureau, the Tongzhou District Lawyers Association, and the All-China Lawyers Association should immediately initiate rights-defense procedures and unite with other lawyers to help Lawyer Cui defend her rights.

5. The Beijing Municipality Women’s Federation and the All-China Women’s Federation should pay attention to Cui Hui’s situation and assist her in defending her rights.

[Signatures of more than 130 lawyers]

12 April 2015

cc: Ministry of Justice
Beijing Municipality Judicial Administration Bureau
Tongzhou District Judicial Administration Bureau
Beijing Public Security Bureau
Tongzhou District Precinct, Beijing PSB
All-China Lawyers Association
Beijing Municipality Lawyers Association
Tongzhou District Lawyers Association
Beijing Municipality Procuratorate
Tongzhou District Procuratorate
All-China Women’s Federation
Beijing Municipality Women’s Federation
Tongzhou District People’s Congress Standing Committee

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